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Misting Fans

Misting Fans

Stay Cool Misting Fans

Let’s face it, even when it’s beautifully sunny outside, the heat index might still be less than ideal, which can really put a damper on your outdoor party. Keep cool with an ecojet misting fan. Perfect for parties, this misting fan cools and cleans the air of any outdoor area up to 400 square feet! A two-gallon water supply also means that this fan can mist for hours, so you won’t have to leave your party to change out the water supply. You’ll love how this misting fan traps outdoor allergens and takes them to the ground so you can rest easy and breathe easy.

  • EcoJet Misting Fan EcoJet Misting Fan

    EcoJet Misting Fan

    FEATURES Available in Black or White 19" x 10" x 21" 15 Lbs Coverage area - 400 SF Air Flow - 353 cfm Noise level - 60 dB Consumption - 70W 110 Volt Water Supply - 2 gallon reservoir/base MAIN BENEFITS Reduces the temperature Cleans the air Humidifies...

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