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Clarifiers - Algaecides, Enzymes, Foam Down & more!


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  • 2 Pack - Scum Ball - 2 Pack

    2 Pack - Scum Ball - 2 Pack

    Product Features Scum ball helps to eliminate scum and grime from pool or spa Specially patented foam absorbs 43 times its weight in body oils and suntan lotions Prolongs pool and spa filter life Economical and reusable

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  • Leisure Time Spa Foam Down 1 Quart

    Leisure Time Spa Foam Down 1 Quart

    Concentrated foam suppressant begins working immediately to eliminate foam. Apply directly to foam and watch it disappear. Useful Tips Continual foaming problems can indicate other imbalances in the spa such as low calcium or possibly the need to...

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  • Leisure Time Bright & Clear

    Bright & Clear is specially designed for hot water application. Spa water becomes cloudy because millions of small, suspended particles accumulate in the water. The particles are too small to be filtered out. By using Bright & Clear,...

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  • Leisure Time Enzyme

    A blend of enzymes that breaks down the oil, lotion and organics that cause unsightly scum lines and odors in spa water. Helps reduce the need for maintenance of filters and spa surfaces. Works with all types of sanitizers. Useful Tips Use weekly as...

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  • Leisure Time Spa Algaecide

    Non-foaming algaecide that can be used with all spas and sanitizers. Will not damage tile, concrete, metal or plastics Useful Tips Wait 15 minutes afte treating to re-enter spa Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers Available...

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