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Balancing Chemicals

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  • Alkalinity Increaser

    Alkalinity Increaser

    A granular product for raising total alkalinity in pool water. Helps prevent staining, corrosion and pH change. 5 LB Total Alk Increaser - $11.99 10 LB Total Alk Increaser - $17.99 25 LB Total Alk Increaser - $39.99

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  • Calcium PLUS

    Calcium PLUS

    Raises calcium hardness of pool water to aid in the prevention of corrosion, etched plaster and other problems resulting from low calcium hardness. Add directly to the deepest area of pool water. 4 LB Calcium Increaser - $9.99 8 LB Calcium Increaser -...

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  • Chlorine Stabilizer

    Chlorine Stabilizer

    100% cyanuric acid stabilizer for reducing chlorine loss to the sun. Also required with salt generators. 4 LB Chlorosta Stabilizer - $9.99 7 LB Chlorosta Stabilizer - $17.99

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