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Pool Chemical Guide by Regal Swimming Co

Pool Chemical Guide by Regal Swimming Co

Posted by Regal Chemicals on Feb 13th 2020

The REGAL® Pool Care System is pool care made simple in 3 easy steps. REGAL® Pool Care Products provide everything a pool owner needs to revitalize and maintain their backyard oasis. Our stabilized sanitizers, shock treatments, and professional-grade algaecides turn pool care into a simple process. 

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3 Step System

Step One - Sanitize your pool.   Sanitizers/Chlorines are used to kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of viruses, algae and other organic contaminants that enter your pool water by way of wind, rain, dust and swimmers. Make sure the chlorine you use is stabilzed as this will maximize the life of the chlorine. Sanitizers/Chlorine is the major contributor in keeping you pool sparkling clean and safe to use.  The easist and most economical method is to use 3" Concentrated Chlorine tabs in conjunction with an Inline Chlorinator.  An inline chlorinator will dispense the exact amount of chlorine daily versus the highs and lows in chlorine level when putting the tabs into the skimmer basket or a floating dispenser. The ideal chlorine range is 1-3 PPM. Test your water weekly. Adjust your Waterway inline chlorinator as daily temperature change. David's Recommendations: Regal 3" Concentrated Tablets & a Waterway CAG004-W Inline chlirinator.

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Step Two - Oxidize/Shock Your Pool Weekly. "Shocking” your pool is a vital component of maintaining a healthy swimming environment. The term, "Shocking” refers to the process of adding chlorine or non-chlorine pool shock to your pool in order to raise the "free chlorine” level to a point where contaminates such as algae, combined chlorine (also known as chloramines) and bacteria are destroyed. Shock your pool when opening/closing, weekly, after heavy rain, large use, and during extrme hot periods.  Use 2 pounds of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water, which should raise your chlorine to 10.0 ppm. Dissolve the shock in a five-gallon bucket of water before it’s poured into the pool. David's Recommendations: Super Shock-It 73% (Highest Clorine Content and No Residue)

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Step Three

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Balancing Your Pool Water

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Supplemental Chemicals

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