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Leisure Time Spa Chemicals

  • Aqua Check Blue Biguanide

    Aqua Check Blue Biguanide

    Tests for: Biguanide, Total Alkalinity, and pH. Ideal for customers who use biguanide as a sanitizer in their pool or spa. Biguanide is a chlorine-free sanitizer such as BAQUACIL® Chlorine-Free...

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  • Biguanide Sanitizing System

    Biguanide Sanitizing System

    Kit Includes: - (1) 32 oz. Control  - (1) 32 oz. Boost - (1) 16 oz. Sanitizer - (1) 32 oz. pH Balance - (1) AquaChek Test Strips - Biguanide Control - specially formulated to prevent...

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  • Leisure Time Boost

    Leisure Time Boost

    Step 1: Leisure Time Control Step 2: Leisure Time Boost Step 3: Leisure Time Free Biguanide Sanitizer Specially designed to be used with Leisure Time Free® system, Boost is a...

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  • Leisure Time Bright & Clear

    Leisure Time Bright & Clear

    Bright & Clear is specially designed for hot water application. Spa water becomes cloudy because millions of small, suspended particles accumulate in the water. The particles are too small...

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  • Leisure Time Bromine System

    Leisure Time Bromine System

    Traditional Sanitation System. 2:4 ppm vs Frog System 1/2:1 ppm Kit includes:  (1) 1.5 lb Bromime Tabs (1) 2.2 lb Renew Shock (1) 2.2 lb pH Balance (1) Bottle Test Strips (1) Floating Bromine...

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  • Leisure Time Bromine Tabs

    Leisure Time Bromine Tabs

    Low-odor, low-dust tablets fit all floaters. When used as directed, this product will sanitize spa and hot tub water, keeping it clean, clear and free of odor. This product gives the effectiveness of...

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  • Leisure Time Calcium Booster

    Leisure Time Calcium Booster

    Raises the level of water hardness, which helps prevent foaming and corrosion of equipment to extend the life of the spa. Useful Tips Maintain a hardness level of 150-400 ppm Compatible with...

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  • Leisure Time Citrabright

    Leisure Time Citrabright

    This spray-and-wipe formula uses the cleaning power of citrus to quickly cut through the toughest grease and grime. Useful Tips Use for spas, hot tubs, swimming pools, patio furniture and more Fresh...

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  • Leisure Time Control

    Leisure Time Control

    Step 1: Leisure Time Control Step 2: Leisure Time Boost Step 3: Leisure Time Free Biguanide Sanitizer Control is specially formulated to prevent the unattractive ring around spa surface caused...

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  • Leisure Time Defender

    Leisure Time Defender

    Defender is a unique blend of organic polymers designed to prevent scale formation, aid in the removal of existing scale and to help prevent precipitation of dissolved solids in spas or hot tubs...

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  • Leisure Time Enzyme

    Leisure Time Enzyme

    A blend of enzymes that breaks down the oil, lotion and organics that cause unsightly scum lines and odors in spa water. Helps reduce the need for maintenance of filters and spa surfaces. Works with...

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