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Special Value Chemical Packages

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    15K Gal Pool Spring Opening Kit

    15K Gallon Pool Spring Opening Kit, SAVE 25%, FREE SHIPPING Kit Includes: REGAL QT SUPER KLEAR PLUS, Concentrated fast-acting water clarifier. Clears cloudy water by collecting small particles that are unable to be filtered into larger filterable...

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    Now: $49.88
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  • Spring Opening Kit

    Spring Opening Kit

    A $325 value! Kit includes; - 5 LB pH Plus - 6 LB pH Minus - 5 LB total Alkalinity Increaser - Super clarifier - 4 LB Chlorosta Stabilizer - Aquabrite® 30 Algaecide - (3) 1 LB Cal Shock - 25 LB 3" Tabs

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