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Bromine Sanitation

Bromine Tab Floating Hot Tub Startup Kit

Leisure Time's "Bromine Tablet Floating Hot Tub Startup Kit" is the most efficient and ecomical way to sanitize your Hot Tub.  The kit below contains everything you need to enjoy your Hot Tub to the fullest. Here's why:

Bromine is most commonly used to sanitize spas/hot tubs because it is more stable than chlorine in the warmer temperatures. ... Bromine combines with bacteria in pool water to neutralize it in the same way that chlorine does, however a good portion of the bromine stays active even after combining with the bacteria.

Bromine is just as effective as chlorine at eliminating harmful, illness-causing germs in spa water when used in the correct amounts. However, it can be less irritating to the body than chlorine. ... As a result, as conditions in your hot tub fluctuate, bromine will last longer as an effective sanitizer.