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Frog Mineral Sanitation


FROG Serene® Floating System (formerly SPA FROG) Keeps your hot tub not just clean, but serene

FROG Serene keeps your hot tub clean while eliminating the work and the guesswork. Instead of spooning in chlorine daily, you simply replace a pre-filled cartridge about once a month. FROG Serene works by double-teaming bacteria with sanitizing minerals and a very low level of bromine. The resulting Fresh Mineral Water® has a completely different quality that provides the serene feeling you’re looking for.
How does the KING TECHNOLOGY MINERAL FROG Floating Mineral System work?

The FROG Serene Floating System Fresh Mineral Water hot tub system utilizes mineral and bromine cartridges designed to destroy bacteria, reduce bromine use by up to 50% and improve the overall quality of hot tub water. The minerals last up to four full months, while the bromine can be dialed in to meet your precise needs, usually about three weeks per cartridge. Just replace the cartridges as needed and relax!