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High Quality Pool Tables

What game room would be complete without a great billiard’s table? Whether you’re looking for a more minimalist, modern table or going for a more ornate, traditional look, we have a table that will be perfect for your space; we also have outdoor models which are perfect for your outdoor rec area. Wherever your rec space might be, we have the right table for you. Need billiards supplies? No problem! We have chalk and anything else you might need. So kick back and relax, we’ll have you playing a relaxing game of pool in no time!

  • 8' Mustang Pool Table 8' Mustang Pool Table

    8' Mustang Pool Table

      The Mustang Pool table adds a warm and inviting atmosphere to any game room. This billiard table offers a unique, Southwestern look with it's beautifully detailed design. The Mustang's unmatched detail and quality make it an excellent addition to...

    $2,399.99 $1,999.99
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  • 7' Lincoln Pool Table Lincoln Pool Table

    7' Lincoln Pool Table

    Add elegance to any game room with The Lincoln Billiard Table from Imperial. Available in both 8-foot and 7-foot models, this table features solid wood rails, body, and ball and claw style legs. Other features include fringed leather drop pockets, 1-inch...

    $2,699.99 $2,299.99
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  • 7' Outdoor Pool Table 7' Outdoor Pool Table

    7' Outdoor Pool Table

    Bring the fun of playing pool outdoors with the Imperial 7-ft. Outdoor Billiard Table. The table features all aluminum corners, legs, and anodized aluminum rails with K66 cushion rubber. The bed comes out of the box clothed in Electric Blue, waterproof...

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  • 8' Montvale Pool Table 8' Montvale Pool Table Cloth Color Options

    8' Montvale Pool Table

        The Montvale 7-foot billiard table from Imperial has a classic design in a beautiful walnut finish. Made of solid wood and features leather internal drop pockets, metal coin rail sites, K66 cushion rubber for true rebound, and 1-inch...

    $3,199.99 $2,799.99
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  • 8' Ramsey Pool Table 8' Ramsey Pool Table

    8' Ramsey Pool Table

       The Ramsey 8-foot billiard table is both beautiful and practical. The beautiful design and workmanship on this table makes it a centerpiece in any home. Solid wood rails, body and tapered legs are the heart of the table. The elegance of the...

    $3,299.99 $2,799.99
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  • 8' Penelope Pool Table with Dining Top 8' Penelope with conversion dining top

    8' Penelope Pool Table with Dining Top

        The Penelope 8-foot Pool Table from Imperial is not just for shooting pool. It comes complete with a dining top so you can entertain your guests with a meal and fun! The table is solid wood made of Aspen and finished in a gorgeous dark...

    $3,799.99 $2,999.99
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  • 8' Reno Pool Table Rec Warehouse Pool Table Cloth Color Choices

    8' Reno Pool Table

    The 8' Reno Pool Table is manufactured by Imperial Billiards Features - • 8-ft. Billiard Table with 1-inch K pattern backed slate • Solid wood body and legs • Crossbeam legs add stability and a unique look • Internal leather drop...

    $3,999.99 $3,199.99
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