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Specialty Chemicals

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  • Qt Regal Metal Out

    Qt Regal Metal Out

    Qt Regal Metal Out Professional strength formula for preventing and removing scale formation and staining from iron, copper, manganese and excessive calcium. Use on all types of pools. Perfect for weekly maintenance for pools with high sun exposure...

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  • Aquabrite® Phosphate Remover

    Regal Phosphate Remover

    Eliminates phosphates from pools. Without phosphates it is impossible for algae to grow. Use as weekly maintenance to prevent pools from turning green.

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  • Regal Super Floc

    Regal Super Floc-Out

    Non-Alum liquid floc. Quickly clears cloudy water by dropping debris to bottom of pool so it can be vacuumed out. Works overnight to restore clear water. Final step in returning your pool to clarity.

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  • Regal Super Clarifier

    Regal® Super Clarifier

    Super-concentrated, liquid clarifier for use in pools. Only 1 ounce per 6,000 gallons is needed to produce clear, sparkling water. 20% stronger than leading brands. Use weekly after shocking.

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    Applied Biochemists QT BLACK ALGAETRINE

    Buy 3 or More and SAVE 15%!!  ($33.99ea) Product Description Applied Biochemists Black Algaetrine is a unique, patented blend of algaecides specially formulated to control black algae and other equally resistant strains. Its powerful formula easily...

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